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Web Development

Innovative Dynamic Intuitive Websites For You

Our team will be with you throughout the website development cycle.

Right from the analysis to the implementation of the website development solution our experts will continuously monitor each and every action to ensure successful panning.  Here at Tahir Solutions , our expert software engineers ensure your access to global professionals and latest technology to compete in the global market following the latest market trends. Our outsourcing team use the top of the line software development tools to increase business productivity and speed up their technical capability.

Now after the pre development research and planning or the entire consultation services, it is the time that you can have your final virtual product designed by our experienced software engineers to meet your business needs.

They focus on niche web development solutions to improve the quality of final product confirming better user experience. Our top quality talent is ready to outsource web development so you can save your resources.

Our Developers Confirm:

  • Keep the technical details handy and make sure the effective collaboration with the stakeholders.
  • Lean UX User Experience design that focuses on building a system that understands and satisfies the end users to generate fast development and a quick feedback.
  • Deliver stable and secured code; cloud based, mobile and a perfect integration that are ready to face future challenges.
  • Rapid prototyping allowing the user to use different techniques to improve the quality reducing the manufacturing time.
  • Fast delivery and iterative future development.

Technologies We Offer

Our Web Development Process

1. Analysis

In this first stage the idea is carefully and the project is discussed in detail. Our Team conducts a feasibility analysis and thus get a deeper understanding of the company’s set goals, respective requirements and possible ratio of success.

2. Strategy

 In this stage the strategy or the planning is made; this phase determines the scope of the project and confirms the other important details regarding particular business objectives, availability of resources and budget of that project.

3. Design

In this phase our expert technicians and professionals create a custom-tailored design with definite workflows and standards. The complete design and structure of the project is built with the final prototype and mockups.

4. Development

This very step is considered the backbone of the whole process as in this phase the web developing experts make sure that their code matches the requirements and other specifications of the project followed by the testing phase.

5. Testing

Now the team moves to integration and validation testing. Here the development experts fix the potential bugs if any as this phase and test the product in all parameters. The issues and problems are then repaired to have an impeccable output.

6. Go Live, Deployment

There comes the deployment after testing and integration. Now the product is ready and is open to the targeted group. This phase clears the situation, public’s feedback enables the team to refine their product and fix the bugs.

7. Support and Maintenance

The product is released and, in the market, but our team will be with you to keep your product up to date and to provide you proper support and maintenance so your product could run smoothly meeting all system requirements.

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